Beagle in the City#53

Simon: Hey dad!

Ethan: where’ve you been? 

Simon: playing in the grass.

Ethan: Oh god, I think I’m going to be sick…what is that smell! 

Simon: it’s great right! I call it Dead Beast. Or maybe Summer Musk, I don’t know what it is but…

Ethan: come on we’re taking a bath!

Simon: No!  

Ethan: ok fine I guess I’ll go outside by myself then. (Dry heaves from the smell of Simon.) 

Simon: outside! I want to go outside! I’m ready! 

 Ethan: (picks up Simon,dry heaves again) oh god, this so bad.

Simon: wait,wait it’s  not bath day! I thought we were going back outside? Don’t You have to check the mail? I think I hear the UPS man! This isn’t right Wednesday is bath day!    

  Simon: You lied to me. This isn’t going to reflect well on your polls dad. 

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