Beagle in the City #57


7:30 am

Ethan:Don’t eat that! It’s dumpster sludge. Gross. 

9:00 am 

Ethan: What’s in your mouth? Spit that out! 

11:00 am 

Ethan: Don’t eat that!

2:00 pm 

Ethan: Wait, why’s it so quiet, Where’s Simon? …Simon???  What are you doing, buddy?

3:00 pm 

Ethan: You see? This is why you can’t eat dead things. It makes you throw up. Don’t look at me like that. Ok let’s go take a bath. You need a bath. You have to have a bath. Bath. Simon get out from under the table,buddy. I still love you. We’ll eat Cheetos and watch Buffy. I promise. Only the good episodes, not the ones with Dawn.  

Every person needs a dog friend and every dog needs a person. 

Adopt Don’t shop. You won’t regret it. 

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