Beagle in the City #68

Ethan: Today is National Dog Day. Also…. I have a picture of the day we brought you home. 

Simon: I’ve always been here dad.  

Ethan: Look at how small you were… 

Simon: I have some pictures too dad. From our Dogue sessions…


Ethan: well, just the same. What do you think of these roses?  

 Simon: yup. Those are good ones. You didn’t have to get me flowers dad. 

Ethan: oh, well, they’re actually for mom.  

 Simon: My dog day and mom gets flowers…I should have known you’d ruin this for me. 

Ethan: you woke me up at 5am. And what did we do today?

Simon: we went to Lawes…

Ethan: Lowe’s

Simon: I saw some light fixtures and some plumbing…a person with a shiny vest. This one guy was really excited about a hammer….

Find out more about adopting furry friends Here.

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