Beagle in the City #70

Simon: I can’t believe we ran that far. I think I’m having a heart atta…

Ethan: No you’re not.

Simon : I can feel my heartbeat in my paws! 

Ethan: it was one street. 

Simon: Let’s show mom our new muscles! 

Ethan: They don’t grow that fast 

Simon: Then why can I feel them growing?

Ethan: What did you eat in the walk?

Simon: Dad. Dad. I’m a dog.  

 Ethan: ok ok

Simon: Oh boy! 

Ethan: you ready? 

Simon: I’m a lion…no no…I’m Batdog! 

Ethan: I take it you’re ready.  Look at the camera.

 Simon: oh hello bug…bark to me…

Ethan: that’s the last time I let you stay up and watch Batman…

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