Beagle in the City #73

Day 1

Simon: Helloooo persons!  


 I went on my regular walk. And was like, whoa!! There were celebrations in the street and bands named after batteries! Playing Thunder Struck…I love this song!!!

Soooo much food…

I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow…

Day 2

Simon: I can’t believe it dad. My fans are still here. Celebrating my walk. Hello fans. Bring your nachos and your Soul Tacos. I’m ready. 

Ethan: uhm, actually, it’s just a summer festival-

Simon: Look dad. Look at them enjoying my park…they’re so happy.  

 Simon: you guys, is this the  whole entire world?  


  Simon: I love festivals! Look at all this food! 

 Simon: ohhhhh boy. I’m a good boy I’m a good boy.  

 Simon: I’ve got it!  

Simon: I love this game! 

When’s our next festival dad?

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