Letters to a Nurse #8

I love our life together 

I wake up 

And walk through our home 

It’s easy enough to take this all for granted 

Just speed through the dream 

I want to remember us 

Like this 

Right here 

Getting ready 

The moments inbetween

The foreplay to a life of happiness 

Reading with you in bed 

We didn’t have to be together

We could’ve made it 

Just fine 

You don’t owe me anything 

But here we are 



Undressing you 

Taking all night 

To get to know you 

Like I’ve never been with you 

But it’s these

inbetween moments 

I’m taking pictures 

I don’t want to lose them 

The candles on the table 
To set the mood 

To guide the night 

That keeps us here inside

Like a chapter in a book we’ve never read.

Arm crossed lovers reading it together in bed. 



  -origin-Ethan Bethune 


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