When I google sexual assault 

It bothers me 


I had always considered myself 

A feminist 

I knew women who had been assaulted 

And I thought I was aware 


It’s much bigger than I realized 

And I feel overwhelmed 

I can walk our dog. 
And I’m just walking our dog. 

My wife walks our dog. 

And she has to wear ear phones 

Because of men screaming from their vehicles or saying things as they walk by. 

It’s a problem because she lives daily. Being aware of her surroundings and on guard.  

Statistics show that every two minutes someone is assaulted in our country. 1-6 women will be a victim of attempted or completed assault in their lives. Maybe that’s not a lot to you. But I see six cashiers in a grocery store….one of them will be or have already been….if it’s not you or yours what about your friends? 

It happens all over our Campuses our highest and best schools. Rape kits are being thrown away to make room for more.

Rapists never look like you think. It’s people that were trusted. 

Men in church or the community. Family. Even husbands. 

I don’t want it to bother me. 

But when people tell me to ‘control my wife’ because she talks to much. Or ‘handle your wife’  

Or even how men think of wives as trophies to look better in the community.

I think back to all that women have fought for. 

Up until the early to mid ’90s  marital rape wasn’t even a thing. 

It was totally legal. 

Anything goes in marriage.

Women have had to fight and continue to fight just to maintain their basic human rights as people. 

Rape is rape. It’s taking something. From a human without permission.  It’s assaulting. 

It is not hard to teach men to be men. 

If she isn’t having fun,Stop what you’re doing. 

Relationships are equal. 

From the playground to their first encounters with men in the bedroom. 

If she isn’t having fun Or enjoying it 

Stop what you are doing.
I’m realizing, as men, we are surprised when women want the same things we want. 



Good pay. 


The right to vote. 

To be heard.

The  ability to choose.


It shouldn’t be a surprise.

We’ve come a long way.
But we have to keep the way.

I want to keep the way. 

For my wife. My best friend. My soulmate. 

When our women speak. We should be listening. We should be doing all we can. Not disregarding it. 

I want to keep the way.

For if we have children.

Learn more Here and Here


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