Beagle in the City#76

Simon: Hey dad!  Whatcha doin’? 

Ethan: Wrapping Mom’s Christmas present. See? Gotta get a head start.

Simon: Ohhhh that’s a good present. She’s a nice woman. You should get her something. Listen, about women. I’ve been reading, and I think you’re possessed. 

Ethan: I really hope you mean depressed.

Simon: We should go out. I can be your wing man. Babes love dogs. And excercise. Look. . . 

Simon: I’ve even got a headband. Let’s do it dad.

Ethan: As persuasive as your argument is, you do realize your mom and I are together right? Hence, the gift.

Simon: What? Are you serious? Well, this is fantastic. Good job dad.

Ethan: Yeah, you even call her mom. 

Simon: Well, yeah dad. That’s her name. Make sure you put it on the present. I just thought she came over and liked to hang out. She does steal my side of the bed …but I was trying not to say anything. 

Simon: So you’re wrapping for Christmas huh? I wonder if she likes sticks? 

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