Dear Mr President 

I recently took the time to send an email. I’ve never sent one quite like this. And I wasn’t expecting an answer. You don’t have to comment-I just wanted to share this moment with you.


The President of the United States. 

Ethan Bethune 

July 27th 

Fort Payne, Alabama. 
Dear Mr President, 

I just wanted to take the time to write you and say, thank you. Thank you for these past eight years of leadership and service you have given us. 
I live in Alabama, probably the most conservative state. And I have grown up under your administration…for the most part…but since I started asking questions and really looking at things…

I have to say, thank you. For what you have accomplished for science, and women’s rights, for equality and for arts and education. 

Thank you. 

And judging by this election, if this is any standard for the government you have been working with…

You have accomplished a stellar amount. I really believe we are moving forward. We can’t go back. 
I hope you and your family are well. 

I’m just a 27 year old writer of poetry and stories about our shelter dog. I know you deserve a break and some time for yourselves. . .

But I really wish we could just keep you. If only for a while longer. 
Take care. And thank you,again. Sir. 


Ethan Bethune.


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