Beagle in the City #77

 Simon: Hey dad! What are we going to do today? 

Ethan: I’ve got to give you a bath…


  Ethan: Come on, Simon. 

Simon: No! 

Ethan: It’s just a bath. 

Simon: But you worked so late. You should be tired. 

Ethan: It’s gotta happen, be a man.

Simon: I’m a dog.  

 Simon: oh god oh god. I’m gonna drown. I just know it. 

Ethan: I’m not going to trick you. But- if you come out, I’ll give you a peanut butter cracker and I’ll let you help me mop the floor.

Simon: Easy bargain for you dad. I’m probably going to be dead.  (Hops in bath tub)

Simon: ok this isn’t so bad, maybe he forgets the water.

Ethan: Ok ready for a rinse? Good boy. 

Simon: Rats. So close! 

Simon: Just don’t take a picture of me naked,dad. 

Ethan: You got it. 

Simon: I still get a cracker?

Ethan: I’ve got it right here. Extra peanut butter. 

Simon: Oh boy. Just like my tooth paste. And don’t forget my ears. They’ve been itchy.

Ethan: Sure thing boss. 

4 thoughts on “Beagle in the City #77

  1. This little series is hilarious and your dog is the cutest (his face in the second to last picture is beyond adorable!)

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