Beagle in the City #79

Simon: Bad news dad,your polls don’t look so good. We haven’t went to see mom in forever. 

Ethan: Ok. We will tonight. Let’s take a picture. 

Simon: You mean, like, for Dogue. I thought you had forgot.  

 Ethan: No. for mom. 

Simon : I feel a cover shoot coming on. Fall Issue.  Say it with me dad. 

 Simon: I would like to thank my fans, the veterinarian society,all the food trucks and nachos. 

Ethan: For mom. Send one to mom.  

 Simon: I don’t know this person. I’m too famous now.  

 Ethan: are you tired? What have you done today?
 Simon: Napped mostly. I also ate a snack.

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