Flowers for December #2

Part two 

What am I doing here? I hate crowds I hate people. People are the worst. Crowding out everything suffocating the air out of the room. Living between panic and depression and just one text message or notification  from a heart attack.

It’s unfortunate that I chose journalism as my profession.

I move through the hallway of the hotel making my way past the staff and the staff infections. To the elevators.

Everyone has smiling faces. I notice as the doors close. A drink in one hand and a phone in the other. Pitching ideas. Checking updates. Laughing about today. Planning out tomorrow. 

They don’t know. 

I look beyond the faces to the back of the conference hall. The empty platform waiting. 

They really don’t know. 

Or maybe they just don’t care. 

I check my notes…

Room 669 

The light counting off the floors.

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