Why is she pulling so hard on my hair? I want it cut not pulled out. 

“You’ve just got the the thickest curls. Especially here in the back. That’s the way it goes though,always grows where you don’t need it.” 

Did she just say what I thought she said? Please tell me she did not just make a – 

“What about this spot right here? This long strand, I feel like I should leave it. It’s long for a purpose. What do you do, brush it back, leave it down? “

She’s making balding comments about my hair.  Am I actually going bald? This is like my worst fear. A guys greatest insecurity. Forget about size and performance…your hair is out there all the time even when you’re sober. Oh my god. Maybe if I had just took more Flintstone vitamins growing up.  Maybe it’s not that bad. What does she know? Do you even have a degree? Where is it on your mirror. No one has ever mentioned this before. 

“Ok. There you go. You sure do have beautiful hair. It’s got some rough spots. But all hair does. And it may not be anything. It can get better, we don’t know. Just take some biotin and eat good. Nobody’s hair is perfect. Not even Jon Bon Jovi’s” 

Oh my god. How much do I owe for this glorious experience.


Oh fantastic. $12.00 haircut and a lifetime of depression…after you count my Xanax prescription. It should round up to a strong alcoholism. 

“Thank you come again.”

I’ll just let my hair grow out until I die. Thanks . 

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