Beagle in the City #82

Simon: Hey dad! 

Ethan: Oh,hey. 

Simon: Can I borrow the keys to the car?

Ethan: Youuu cannot drive 

Simon: What! 

Ethan: it’s impossible. How would you even…

Simon: We have to go see mom. Take me to the hospital. 

Ethan: Why? 

Simon: I’m very sickly.


Simon: I’m hungry.

Ethan: …

Simon: There was this woman there last time. She smelled good and she had food. She patted my head but forgot to share. 

Ethan: People are not going to just give you food.

Simon: I have my ways. 

Ethan: Oh my god.

Simon: Ok I’m calling mom. Yes. Hello, hospital? Put mom on the phone.What? This is an emergency. 

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