Letters to a Nurse #11


I’m writing this and I have ice cream on my hand. It’s making my hand stick to the page, slowing down my rhythm and so that’s why you probably can’t read any of it. I could wash my hand. But – I’m cold and you’re not here to keep me warm, all I have is this blanket. Simon is not speaking to me – we are in disagreement  ( I didn’t share my ice cream) so- I’m cold and need to stay in this blanket. 

I know this is short and ridicules but I’m just thinking of you.  I can’t believe how many days and nights I missed living without you. And yet how lucky I am that we found each other again. Before we’re too old to be wise and forgetful. Then we would be smart enough to grab eachother and not let go. Only we wouldn’t, because we wouldn’t remember  anything and it wouldn’t be romantic, because we would be spending all our time trying to remember if we fed the dog or left the stove on again.

Wake me up, come to bed so I can hold you. And tell you again all the ways I love you. Making up for lost time. 

I love you. 

You’re amazing 

And sexy 

In all the best ways 

And you throw the best parties 


I miss you most 

On the first 

And the last day 

Of our work weeks. 


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