Beagle in the City #86

Simon wakes up and starts rushing out from under the covers. 

Simon:  (((gag))) oh no no no. Dad. (((Gag))) Dad!! Wake up! No no.

Ethan:  It’s ok. Foot of the bed foot of the bed. Get to the hardwood floor.

Simon throws up.

Ethan:  Sh!t.

Simon: I’m sorry…((gags)) ahhhhh man. It won’t stop!

Ethan: Where are my pants! Go to the door. It’s ok. 

Simon: (throws up again.) It’s ok. I just did it under the table. No one can see it. 

Ethan: We’re still going out. You must’ve got too hot. 

Simon: I’m telling you dad. That electric blanket is witchcraft. 


Ethan: Simon! Give me that Kit Kat! spit it out! 

Simon: No! It’s mine! 

Ethan: Now!

Simon: It’s delicious! And you never share chocolates with me! 

Ethan: There is a very specific reason, which I’m sure you’re going to find out soon enough. You  bonehead! 

Simon: I don’t feel good dad. 

Ethan: If you keep on you’ll get two baths this week. And it’ll be your own fault. 

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