Feel the future

Underneath you 

Like sand caught in the water 
Walk into November 

With hands held high 

Denying climate at 

110 degrees 

It’s been months since rain has touched this face 

I’ve got the earth’s crust 


Trapped in my lungs 
And I remember 

Before the mountains burned around us 

I can smell it 

Everynight around 3am 
We are the future 

We are the future 

Yesterday I heard someone 

Say an app would help us forget 

Another concert 

Another gallon of holy water 

Another pill to help us numb the pain of this 

Help me turn up my music 

But how does it feel 
To reach for ink to write with 

When the riverbed went dry 
We are the future 

The only thing 

The future 


How does it feel 

To know you can work to help this 

Fix this 

We can 

We might just 

We must


You and me and us 

For them 

We might be down 

But we can lift this up 

While the earth spins ’round 

And the sun burns down 

All the clocks speed up

Just slow down 

Help this out 

I know we’ve got our issues 

It’s just some things we’re going through 

But you and me and us 

How does it feel 

To know we can. 

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