Beagle in the City #88

Simon: I’m going to miss my shows! 

Ethan: Hey,babe? What kind of coffee did you want again?i

Simon: Get it together dad!

Ethan: Calm down crazy. What’s the big deal. 

Simon: I’ve got to watch Bones. 

Ethan: Bones?

Simon: Oh yeah, Angel, he works with the FIB now…

Ethan: FIB? That doesn’t make sense. 

Simon: …and she  has all the bones. And they solve cases!  I wonder when they’re going to figure out this guy is a vampire? 

Ethan: I – I don’t think it’s the same show…

L: Bonehead likes Bones. Who would’ve known. We better hurry, he’s getting the zoomies. 

Simon: Shhh I’m on a case, I think I can smell something…I bet it’s a femur!

Ethan: Please just be candy.

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