Beagle in the City #91

SimondEeR NURS  Lady. I LyKe you.   And enjoyed our week together. My dad is single. And sleeps alone. Even though he gets hit on by babes because of me. 

Here’s my dad in case you need to remember his face. He’s the guy. Not the dog. 

So, I want to invite you to come again and have food and walks and stuff with us. And if you like this big bed enough, like I like you, Will you marry my dad? It is a big bed. I guess there is room for you too. 

Ethan: Hey, Keats. What’s with all the paper. 

Simon: Making a letter. 

Ethan:let me see this thing.  I don’t cry! When do I cry?

Simon: I’m beefing your  resume. Now take me to the Postal Service.

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