Beagle in the City #92

Simon: Dear Nurse Lady. Something terrible has happened. Dad got married. 

You have to come back and remind dad how much better you are. It is really importance. 

Ethan: Simon, what are you doing?

Simon: This is importance!

Ethan: Another letter? 

Simon: Shhh 

Ethan: Dude, we ARE married. 

Simon: I know,and now I have to fix it. I’m going to call PawPR, Did you even tell her you have a dog….

Ethan: No no. L and I are married. She’s just at work this week. You have got the worst memory ever. We’ve talked about this. 

Simon: What! You got married! You guys never tell me anything around here. Well I’m sure my letter helped persuade her. 

Ethan: Actually….

Simon: Oh boy! I guess I better start Christmas shopping. Maybe I can sing a Christmas Carol.

Ethan: Please don’t 

Simon: I wonder if she’s heard Silent Night. 

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