Beagle in the City #105

Simon: Ok, now kiss eachother. Looks great. Beautiful couple. 

Ethan: Thanks,dude.

Simon: You gonna settle up or what? 

Ethan: …

Simon: A treat dad. You gotta pay me,man. I don’t work for free. 

Ethan: Your whole lifestyle is free. You sleep 16 hours on an electric blanket and refuse to walk through water. How can you call yourself a Beagle. 

Ethan: Ok everybody, it’s time for our family Christmas picture. 

Simon: Wait wait. I’ve got to get something.

Ethan: No. 

L: Just one year can we take a decent Christmas picture. 

Simon: I’ve got it!

Ethan: No toys in the family picture. 

Simon: Why not? 

L: Because it looks like a butt plug. Now spit it out. 

Ethan: Everybody smile.

Simon: My toy!

Happy Holidays 

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