Beagle in the City #106

Ethan: You want to to take the trash out with me?

Simon: Wait! I have to get my sweater. Ok – I’m ready. 

Ethan: I have to get started on our Christmas cards,man. 

Simon: We should give one to the trash man. They have the coolest job! 

Ethan: Think I should get mom some socks…is that a good present? The big fuzzy ones.

Simon: I don’t know, I don’t wear socks. 

Simon: Hey,wait! Close your eyes. Ok now look dad. I’m a Gnome!

Ethan: That’s awesome man. 

Simon: Really? We’ve been practicing. 

Ethan: Practicing?

Simon: Yeah, the new house cat said I would look like an idiot. But I said ohhh no I wouldn’t. My dad would think it was hilarious. Can we have cheeseburgers? With Oreos and bacon! 

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