Beagle in the City #108

Simon: What’s wrong dad? 

Ethan: Oh I’m just depressed. I’ll be ok. 

Simon: Of course you’re well dressed. You look fantastic!

Ethan: Dee-Pressed.

Simon: Ohhhh. I’m sorry dad. Just do what I do. . .

Ethan: What do you have to get depressed about?

Simon: Let me tell you a story.

Simon: Thousands of dogs every year are euthanized while others  are  sold from back yard breeders. People look at shelter dogs like they are not a real dog. They want the “perfect” dog and  go buy one off fb before ever walking into their local shelter. 

Ethan: Wow. They are part of the problem. What makes you feel better though? 

Simon: Oh Yeah! I just remember how lucky I am to have this pack. This is so rare for a dog. Statistically I should be on a chain outside or worse. I love you dad. 

Ethan: Wow thanks,man. I love you too. 

Simon: I’m sorry you’re dee-pressed. If you give me some cake it will make you feel better. 

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