Beagle in the City #110

Ethan: What are you doing? 

Simon: I’m hunting. 

Ethan: I thought we were walking. 

Simon: Shh. There it is. 

Ethan: The-squirrel? What are you going to do kill it? 

Simon: I don’t know what you’re talking about. To Kill is a basketball player. 

Ethan: What? 

Simon: To Kill O’Neal. 

Ethan: Oh you mean Shaq. 

Simon: Well, I don’t know where he lives dad. 

Ethan: You are unbelievable. 

Simon: Look at this squirrel. It’s so fluffy. I wonder if its tail sheds? Hey Francis! When are you going to teach me how to climb a tree!

Ethan: Wait, this is Francis? You do realize,  It’s not hunting if you know the person. It’s just stalking. 

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