Beagle in the City #111

Simon: Just look at all my presents. I wonder what’s in those boxes…

Ethan: Hey King Leo, those are for mom. 

Simon: Are you sure? 

Ethan: You helped me wrap them, remember?

Simon: What?

Ethan: I got you a gift card. 

Simon: A gift – card…

Ethan: You’re very difficult to shop for. I thought this would be easier. 

Simon. No box or bow or crinkly wrapping paper?

Ethan: I can wrap this can of pumpkin if you like. . . 

Simon: pumpkin?

Ethan: Fiber, it’s for your –

Simon: Shhh! Dad! Please! 

Ethan: I’m messing with you. I got you a real present. 

Simon : Well, that’s fantastic! Because guess what! I got you this super awesome best friend hug! And it comes with a new bouncy ball! Squeak free! 

Ethan:  Ugh…Why is it slimy.

Simon: Trial runs dad. I had to make sure you’re getting the BEST.

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