Beagle in the City #112

Simon: Dad,dad,wake up! I can hear rain deers it’s Santa Paws! 

Ethan: What? It’s Riendeer. And we don’t have a roof to hear. It’s just the upstairs neighbor. It’s 3am go back to sleep.  

Simon: I can’t. I’m too excursioned. 

Ethan: Excited. Did mom text me? I’m excited too. 

Simon: Beats me,dad. I can’t read. 

Simon: Wake up! Wake up! We overslept! We missed Christmas! It’s 71 degrees! We slept till summer. Ohhh noooo. 

Ethan: Calm down,crazy. It’s still December 25th.

Simon: So! What’s that mean?

Ethan: It’s still Christmas. You want to help me make fruit salad?

Simon: Fruit salad!

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