Beagle in the City #116

Simon: I don’t like it here. Let’s get burritos instead. 

Ethan: Hey, that’s not a good partner. We’ve got a case. We’ll get pizza and beer after. Well, you’ll get coffee. I’ll get beer.

Simon: What if there’s ghosts here. Or -witches- with -cats. 

Ethan: That’s what we want. I thought you were supposed to be good at hunting. 

Simon: I am good at hunting. Nachos. Not ghostly ponchos. But I’m even better at running. Look at this  aerodynamic body. I’m like a sports car. 

Children singing in the other room 

Ethan: I’ll open the door and you scope it out.

Simon: …

Ethan: Simon? Simon? Where’d you go?

Cell phone rings. 

Ethan: Where’d you go?

Simon: Hey,dad. I thought I better get a start on those pizzas. How’s my time? I bet that’s a world record. I’m like Richard Petty.

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