The Margins 

I had this feeling

That I would write

Everyday about you

I got this feeling

That I had never lived

All the shit that happened

Before didn’t matter now


Yes,I know,

Past the scholarship

The star north

The heart break

The shit we take

Dust off the shoulder

A little bit older

Strong enough 

To be colder

You can’t take what you can’t break

And you can’t break when you try 

To please – appease – the user – abuser
I knew that would be a good way to lose her
When all you want is to loose her 

And to be alone 

She tops herself 

On her own 

Walking on the surface of the sun 

She’ll bring a light to the night 

The gravity 

Moving her energy 

From her lips 


The pockets of her jeans

Everything else 

Is shit so forget about it 

Dust off the shoulder

Everyone’s older

So just get over it 

I knew I would write about you 

Every day 

How could I live without you 

Love without you 


It’s all notes in the margins. 

Her secrets are behind her shades of lipstick 

And it would be a shame if you can’t read. 

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