Writer’s Log #6

Eat chilli 

Take nap 

Wake up 

Text wife 

Wife: It’s 2am What are you doing up!! 

Just like when we were dating. Those were the good days. I should work out again. Maybe send her a sext again. Those were the days. 

 Me: I took a nap. Six hours is my average rate. Unless you give me pills to chill my thrills.

Wife: you’re insane. 

Listen to Muzak. Time to write.

Oh look, That’s a nice quote, I should tweet that. There. 

Ah man, John Stewart came out and savages Trump like pork butt. I’ll just save that. Read it later. I don’t need to sink further into this depression. 

Oh Ariana Grande  posted a picture of her looking at her dog. Dogs are awesome. I miss Simon. Where is Simon. I’ll just comment on this picture. “How I look at champagne” I wish I had champagne. That is the elixir of the gods. Or one really fine goddess. 

This song sucks who wrote this, Justin Biedermeier and his writer’s cabinet? 

What was I doing? Why am I here? Writing. Yes. Create things that wasn’t here before. Come on. You are a Book Dragon. A creator. Google chrome. Not internet explorer. Not windows ’95  

Oh hey Simon. You ready for bed. Ok let’s nap.  

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