Beagle in the City #126

Simon: Dad! I need you to take me to the store! I have to get mom a valentine.

Ethan: Hold on, calm down, crazy. What do you have that she likes.

Simon: Nothing. I have nothing. Dad. I’m a dog. Now give me 10 dollars so I can go shopping.

Ethan: 10 dollars! Why would I give you 20 dollars. I’m not giving you fifty dollars. Take her this flower and we will make her a card and you can give her a hug.

Simon: That’s stupid dad. I better bring her a treat.

Ethan: Ok. If you say so.

(Simon trots off)

Simon: Great idea dad! Now give me another one.

Ethan: What? Did she actually-Why?

Simon: I had to make sure it wasn’t stale dad. It was delicious she’ll love this next one.

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