Beagle in the City #133

Simon: Ugh, slow down or open a window dad. Your driving is making me car sick. I think you need lessons. 

Ethan: You need to stay away from the cocoa and chocolate. 

Simon: Oh boy, did you bring any? Open a window, this car is so small, I can’t breathe.

Ethan: I want you to meet someone. 

Dog: Hey guys! My name is Megablaster! But you can call me anything. 

Simon: Hey! My name is Get over here! 

Ethan: Please, Your name is Simon. 

Simon: Who’s that? 

Ethan: …

Humphrey: I like you. It’s as if we understand each other. Do you enjoy cheese? 

Ethan: I’m going to call you Rufus, or Humphrey. I’m also lactose intolerant. But my wife…

Simon: Hey! Hey! Hey! Have you ever..have you ever seen grass? Or rode in a car ? You probably have. I rode in a car just now. Have you ever had chocolates? 

Humphrey: I think your dog is broke. He keeps offering me drugs. 

Ethan: He’s an awkward homeschooler. I’m sorry.  

Humphrey: It’s ok. 

Simon: Hey watch how fast I can run!! 

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