Beagle in the City #137

Simon: A great day for a walk. We have to patrol. Keep our city safe. 

Ethan: What are you talking about? 

Simon: Whoa!! Oh well, I guess we have to walk a different street. You know, forever.

Ethan: Why?

Simon: It’s ok, I never liked this street anyway. 

Ethan: Let’s go. 

Simon: You first. It’s probably a Transylvanian night stalker. They come alive at night. 

Ethan: Or OR it’s just – oh my god!

Simon: Ahh! No!! Wait- what happened? Nothing happened. 

Ethan: Exactly. 

Simon: Well, I’m gonna smell him to make sure. And then I’m gonna pee on him. 

Ethan: I thought you were going to pee on him…

Simon: and give him my scent so he can find us? I don’t think so! I might be a dog, but I’m still a BEAGLE! …Ooo trash….

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