Beagle in the City #138

Space, the final walk. These are the trackings of the Pawship Pooper. It’s 77 dog year mission to sniff out strange new bones, and new packs. 

Beagle Log 135, square,oval, pawdate, day one of our journey. Because everyday is new to me. 

I have crash landed on a new planet.

Held captive by one lone alien. My only way of survival is to continue to steal food, they call the pop corned. It is delicious. I was transported in their shuttle today. Starving, while the alien idiot was gone, I stole his chocolate chip cookies…I still couldn’t find anything like a chip. This food is strange. I don’t know how he stays so thin. 

The alien returned just in time for me to repare my ship and seek shelter with the  safety of the brigade. 

Ethan: That’s right. You better hide under the table. You can’t steal  food! 

Simon: It seemed our communications were down. And I was unable to translate the message. 

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