Writer’s Log #10

Still trying to write more. I really suck. I’ve come to an understanding that I crave order. A – if you will – routine…I work better if I know in advance what I should be doing today. It’s weird. 

I need to excercise,period. Work my core…it’s healthier for my crohn’s and my body. And it can’t be bad for the sex. 

I’m sleeping more which is better. And reading more. I finished three books this month. Just need to get a rhythm in writing and submitting. 

L got me a shirt and cook book. I really have the best wife. I need to do more to let her know. 

Routine is good for everything except marriage.  Don’t fall into it. 

Found some new podcasts 

Timesuck with Dan Cummins 

And the NY Times Book Review  

Got some new books also…(slow down on the amazing amazon spending) 

One thought on “Writer’s Log #10

  1. I find that it helps when an idea comes to you to write it and then save it as a draft. Then go back to wait a day or two later and if you still like the idea continue with it. Once I get myself going the Rhythm just comes. You are a great writer have more faith in yourself

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