30 for 30 #2 

Life is about moving forward


And evolving 

Freedom to exchange ideas 


We used to burn people 

For even thinking the world 

Is round 

Or studying gravity 

And the stars 

As we grew 

And we progressed 

We knew 

Through traveling the earth 

And science 


And asking questions 

If the earth is flat

Why do some areas 

Have different Star patterns than others?

Why can’t we see any country in the world from any elevation? 

Why can we journey all around the globe?

Why is it that ships rise out of the horizon rather than materialize like a car in the road?

The shadow of the earth on the moon during an eclipse…

My point is

When they hand you 


And heartache 

When they hand you a hopeless future 


Where you come from 

The bloodline of galaxies in your veins 

We come from progress 

So don’t look back 

Continue to ask questions 

And continue to look to the stars 

They used to burn people like us 

And when they try and tell you 

Climate change isn’t real 

Give them back their pseudo Victorian science 

And tell them we’re not about the past we’re not going that way 

And keep moving forward. 

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