30 for 30 #5

What are dreams made of,

Can you hear them,

What sounds do they make?

I can hear his bag hit the floor

Dust settling from the old leather

The Sandman is a storyteller

He opens his notebook and begins

Making circles with his pen

Dragging it around the paper

The ink becomes a pool

Cool and blue

A whirlpool

A black hole

A window

Dust falls from his cuffs

Onto the paper 

 Making the ink dirty 

Now there are stars 

The pool 

Becomes a galaxy 

Over an ocean 

At midnight 

And inside here
This window 

Are his stories

But I’m asleep now

And so are you

And now we are in those stories

And we know

The sounds

Dreams make 

As they move about 

If you listen you can hear them 

-regardingsamuel.com image origin unknown 

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