30 for 30 #7

Today I will relax 

I will read more 

I will clean more 

I will be healthy 

I will want a beer 

But I won’t drink one 

I will 

Rather than get depressed 

laugh at the fact that 


Finally impeached it’s Governor 


The United States has an ‘Alabama Government ‘


I will get out of bed

Walk Simon 

Pine Sol the apartment 

Polish the hardwood 

Clean the kitchen 

Clean the bathrooms 

Good god 

Dump the pine sol in the shower 

(Why are humans so disgusting 

Everyone wants to go back to the past 

Back to bad hygiene? 

Before showers? 

And razors? 

Sounds terrific

Enjoy all of that

This is why we have 

People who can remember 

To put a gun on their hip 

To go to the store at 11am 

But forgets to put deodorant on)

Vacuum the carpets 

Hope I spelled “vacuum” correctly 

Dust the shades over the lights 

Have you seen that dust?

It’s pretty damn bad. 

Today I will consider working out 

But choose to read instead 

Make soup 

Watch pbs 

And listen to podcast while getting ingredients for soup (because I also need sponges and pine sol)

You have to justify getting out some times 

And sponges are a good justification 

I will also remember to put my wife’s scrubs in the dryer 

But only while I’m brushing Simon 

Because he walked past me vacuuming and – dude- he sheds 

He sheds so bad he could do a commercial for doggie baldness 


He’s not bald

Or balding 


I will relax 

I will not worry 

I will read to my dog 

And I will take him with me to the store 

We will see termites eating a tree 

And we will talk about that on the way home. 

Today I will relax. 


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