Beagle in the City #146

Simon: Are you ready? You remember how to drive the car? Stay off the phone and fb. Focus on your date. 

Ethan: I know how to drive the car. I have done this before. 

Simon: You brushed your teeth right?

Ethan: (glares at Simon)

Simon: What? It’s been a while since you and mom have been on a date. I’m just saying.  

Ethan: I am nervous. 

Simon: Well, you look terrific! Too bad you don’t have suspenders.

Ethan: We clean up good don’t we. 

Simon: We have our best shoes on.

Simon: You’ve got this dad. You’re gonna be fine. And if it bombs, remember, it’s Easter. Just eat chocolate. Women love chocolate. 

Ethan: It’s the Phantom Of The Opera, I don’t think it can go wrong. 

Simon: Yeah I still don’t know what Oprah has to do with this but ok. 

Ethan: No, it’s , nevermind. 

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