Beagle in the City #147

Ethan: Hey buddy. You didn’t have to stay up for me. 

Simon: It’s ok. Grandma and grandpa came to visit but you weren’t here so they visited me instead. How was your date? 

Ethan: It was amazing. We went to the Texas De Brazil. Really expensive but totally worth it. 

Simon: Yeah?

Ethan: They just carry meat around to your table and offer it to you. Filet Mignon, Lamb. And the show was amazing! Here see the pictures? 

This is the chandelier. 1200 lbs and 600 strands of beads with 40 lights-  they rip the sheets off and sparks go everywhere and then it lights up. And the music starts. It’s really cool.  

And we were so close. This is the orchestra pit. We were in the second row. I had chill bumps through the whole show. I ordered the 25th anniversary DVD so you can watch it with me. 

Simon: That’s great dad. Really great. Tell me more about the food. I don’t care about the Phantom of the Oprah. 

Ethan: Fine. We also had carrot cake and cheesecake with coffee. 

Simon: Fantastic!! So for my birthday I want to go there. 

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