30 for 30 #11

Write my wrongs 

I leave it all bled out 

The world is breaking up 

With all your ideals 

What are you gonna do now?

I have a thousand songs 

A hundred books 

All of these damned windows 

Inside this house 

I left them open 

And bless my soul 

You brought the wind 

When you came in 

And now I’m calling you 

Your coming over 

Is coming home 

This is our home 


I guess I’m just young 

Troubled old souls 

Worn shit out 

But this 

Is worth 

It all 

Write it out 

In paper napkins 

Just for you 

Try to get write right 

Inside the lines lights 

They keep highlighting 


And I want want 

To tell you 

I’m coming home 

You make it home 

You make it right 

And this is what a dream looks like when you get right 


Image origin unknown 

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