30 for 30 #12 

The world is burning

How did it get that way?

It’s always been that way

It doesn’t take the best out of us

Don’t think that way

It requires the best from us

How beautiful

That we can come together

And we can love

We can remain curious

And the earth



Our husbands and our wives

Will continue

To surprise us

We can even surprise ourselves

I think that’s worth it all

How far we’ve come

Why stop now ?

It’s one at a time

A little bit day by day

A new habit

A new way of seeing things

Cleaner air

Cleaner energy

Better cities

Better communities

Coming together

And for me

Writing better

Writing more

Staying positive

You don’t live your whole life in a day

It takes 24 hours at a time

And eventually you look back and you see how much you’ve changed

That’s life

So we will keep on

Little by little

Making this house


For those after us

And a little better

For us now

The world may be burning

And we may be tossed back and forth

Tragedy to chaos

But we were built to last

Most of the time -not all – but most

The things we worry most about

Do not happen

No one saw the Soviet Union collapsing

But it did

Things change on a dime

In a single flight

Or taxi drive

Over coffee

Three text messages

A single moment

Heavy moments are bass to the score of life

Wrapped in regular moments

Keep on

Keep on

You are built to last

You are built to last

You have eternity inside your veins

The cosmos in your eyes

You may feel like your life is

changing casts and characters

But everyone brings something

To the table

Be proud of your something


It’s yours

And no one

No one can play your part

Like you

You’re the only you 


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