Beagle in the City #151

Dear doggie journal, Ethan is the best driver ever, someday, I hope to drive just like him. He lets me ride with him lots of places. To his friends house, where they just give him lots of treats. And he has to carry it out in a basket with wheels. 

To Lawes where we get things like hammers and the screw driver…

This is my favourite place because I get to go inside with him. 

Except for his other friends place. Where they give him food for me!

He is super nice to them and they always tell him to have a good day. 

Being nice really pays off. 

He is so smart. We fix his car a lot too. We put a new headlight in and we put a new airs filter. The old one looked fine to me and smelled amazing!  But then I started sneezing, I don’t know why. 

Last week he paid it off and was really excited so we took it and gave it a bath.  I don’t know what ‘paid off’ means but the car bath is really cool. It’s just a big room and it storms all over your car and then sea monsters with lots of hair attack you and when you come out your car is all clean. 

Someday I hope I’m as smart as he is. 

He gets sad a lot when his female friend isn’t here. We try and read and walk together on those weeks. And write her lots of letters and then he calls her and talks to her on the phone. I try to make it better by watching Netflix and taking naps. 

I don’t think he likes his scent. He’s always cleaning everything. 

I like to watch. 

And listen to his POD-Kast with him. 

Here he comes. It’s nap time. I better go. 

He is the best best friend. 

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