Writer’s Log #13

Bought two new cardigans for a dollar. That’s a really cool sweater. And perfect, since my hot roommate, I mean she’s cool for a friend and all. But she keeps the apartment on 65 – year round. The other day she bumped it up to 68 just to be nice. But now I’m used to these ice caps, I can’t deal with a heat rush. So I changed it back. It’s just easier to wear kickin’ sweaters all the time. 

New glasses means I can see during these late night writing sessions. Also, I don’t miss while pouring water for fresh coffee. It’s really a win win.

The X Files is creeping me and Simon out. We had to take a break. 

Which means, shelter dog. AKA, Sleeping Beauty is asleep on the couch. 

Went to see my doctor today. It was ok. Everything is fine. And they’re fine. I always like to check on them annually, make sure I’m not going to have to be sent back out into the world looking for a new doctor. 

I had a sinus infection for a week and finally broke down and went to a rapid health clinic after work. There were about 75 people in front of me. A small herd. I was sitting there paranoid and certain I would leave with some unknown virus. If not from a person,from a chair or the check in board. And then I remembered I have my very own personal doctor. So I called them and asked them if they could call me in something. And they did. So I left and felt a great deal better.

Doctor visits are the perfect time to write, because, you know how quickly they get around to seeing you. But I really can’t complain. This ten hour visit was really a four hour visit. I only waited an hour. 

And now back to writing other things…

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