Beagle in the City #161

Simon:  My Mom is the best at naps. Sometimes, I try and beat her at it, but I get distracted a lot. She doesn’t even move when I touch her shoulder, like I do with dad. She must have practiced so hard. 

Every morning, she takes hair from my tail, and messes with dad. That’s when he slaps his face in his sleep. I try and fight her off. But then we fight the mighty snake dragon…with its five shiny heads. Just when I almost get it…it changes back to her hand. I think she’s a magician. 

She has the best dog friends, 

I’m so glad she got me from the shelter…

Little Bit: And that Vet, they wanted to give me the Senior Physical. Can you believe that, I’m just a puppy. How long have we known each other? Ten years? Seven years? Really,  I am astonished. And they call themselves professionals. Hey, Simon, look at that rabbit. Do you have those in the City? 

 I Don’t know why you got this little beagle. He’s so annoying  and he never listens. He doesn’t even chase rabbits. Just stands out there smelling flowers. 

Simon: Are you a flower? I’m a beagle.  

Little Bit: But I guess he’s ok. And your guy is ok too. He has a nice beard. And it’s nice when he sings to me.  As long as you’re happy. And remember, you’re always my girl. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Adopt don’t shop 

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