Beagle in the City #162

Blaster: Well, I’ve had a pretty eventful week. Just the other day, my hip went out, so I had to get up and change sides of the porch to sleep on. 

Ethan: Why didn’t you just roll over?

Blaster: That explains a lot of things. You’re a smart man. 

Blaster: What about you?

Ethan: Hmm, well, I discovered bucketless Pine Sol. It’s fantastic. And my floors look like they belong in Chatsworth. But that’s probably just me.  

Blaster: Boy,that’s just depressing. A hooman with a license a phone and a car…I get better stories from the Up man.

Ethan: The up man?

Blaster: yeah, he drives a truck with his name on it. UPS.  I’m like what up, ups. It’s his secret name though. He really brings us treats that are so good you have to sign for them. But you didn’t hear it from me. 

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