Beagle in the City #167

Ethan: Yeah, I’ll have the wonton soup with an egg roll and a Diet Coke. Ugh…hold on I forgot my card. I’ll be right back. 
(Simon runs in the front door. Straight to the counter.)

Simon: Excuse me dad!

Ethan: What the ! 

Simon: Wow! China smells awesome! It’s smaller than I expected…

Simon: Yes! I would like to make an order. Dad always gets it wrong. Chinese donuts. An egg roll. And some duck sauces. Where do you keep the ducks? 

Ethan: Simon! Come on buddy. 

Simon: I gotta go guys. Hey! This kitchen is cool! Where’s the front door? Excuse me! Sorry! There’s the front door! … Bye dad! 

L: I’m not laughing.  I’m sorry. He jumped out of the window and followed you. 

Ethan: Hello child of Lucifer. 

Simon: Oh hey dad. Did you get my donuts? China is cool. Next time let’s go to Japan. I wonder where they keep the rice patches? 

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