Beagle in the City #174

(Power flickers…goes off)

Simon: Dad. Dad. Daaaaaaad.

Ethan: This is becoming a regular event. They should sell tickets. 

Simon: What happened to my show! It went away. 

Ethan: Don’t look now, you won’t see anything, but the power went out. 

Simon: I don’t see anything. 

Ethan: I know, I just said…

Simon: It’s dark. 

Ethan: That’s because the power went out.

Simon: Well make it come back. What is power anyway. 

Ethan: It’s probably those creatures from that movie we watched last night…what was it? What was it?

Simon: (under the table) Hey if it’s ok. I’ll wait here and you go ask about the power.

Ethan: The Great Wall! Man that was driving me crazy. 

Ethan: Hey we can just read IT instead. 

Simon: I want to go to grandmas. 

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