Beagle in the City #177

Simon: Dad! Dad! Daaaaaad! 

Ethan: What! 

Simon: Well, you don’t have to YELL. Dad, I’m just right here. 

Ethan: What is it?

Simon: Never mind. Maybe I don’t want to tell you anymore. We’ll just let anybody come around from now on. You obviously don’t care about  my  protective   services! 

Ethan: Simon, just tell me what the heck it is…

Simon: The mail ran…

Ethan: oh! well why didn’t you say something! Speak up…

Simon: All right! My man, my mailman, man. I can’t believe  my mail already ran. Are you getting faster ?(nervous laugh)

FedEx guy: Here’s your treat.

Simon: Thanks, here’s a hi five to take home to the kids. 

Ethan: …..

Simon: You have to respect the natural order,dad. Stay on their good side…they have all the power. Postal packages with milkbone crumbs.

Ethan: No more Godfather for YOU…

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