Beagle in the City #179

Simon: Dad!! Where’d you go?? I’m so glad you’re home!

Ethan: I was on the porch having coffee…

Simon: But…why didn’t you take me? Are you mad at me? Tell me the truth I can take it.

Ethan: Simon, we went to the store, two stores together, we ate sandwiches together, we played with the ball outside and went for our walk…we even took a nap! I just wanted to drink coffee.

Simon: I don’t understand, I could have helped you drink the coffee. Tell me the truth, you don’t love me anymore. You found a new best friend. I knew it! 

Ethan: You’re such an idiot. Help me eat these pretzels and watch Netflix. 

Simon: Hey, is this That ’70s Show? I love this show! 

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