Beagle in the City #191

L: Simon! Bad dog! 

Ethan: What did he do? 

(Simon walks in) 

Ethan: What did you do?

Simon: Absolutely NOTHING

(L stands in the door holding trash from the bin)

Simon: Honest. 

Ethan: Sure. 

Simon: Say dad. You should really go back to work. You’re going to get fired! Since mom quit her job, I’ve been getting yelled at a LOT more.

Ethan: Simon, we’re on vacation. 

Simon No you’re not! When you go to the vacation I get dumped at grandmas and you come back smelling like strange dirts. 

Ethan: I never thought you noticed

Simon: I’m man’s best friend and I will not let you throw your car-reer away just because mom quit her job.   

Ethan: We’re on vacation buddy. 

Simon: fine, I will rough it  with you. I’m part wolf. Let’s see, My dog food is only 60 dollars. Well, I don’t know what dollars are or what it means but that sounds VERY reasonable. 

Ethan: I’ll just cut out coffee instead. 

Simon: Remember I need three blankets and a pillow that’s not too hot or too cold, for when you’re selling things at that thrifty fleas market.

Ethan: oh you’re a real Daniel Boone. I’ll warn the next frontier.

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